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    Recent Donations (December-April)


    Christmas Donation

    It’s become a tradition for us to go into the same small community on Christmas Eve to give out toys and spread a little Christmas cheer to families we know are in need. While we know that Christmas isn’t about gifts, and toys come and go pretty quickly, we believe it’s still a donation that has a long-lasting impact. 

    Showing a child love, letting them know you were thinking of them and giving them the simple, childlike joy that comes with opening up a gift that’s just for you is something we hope they’ll always remember! 



    If you’ve been following along our donations since the beginning you know that one of our first donations was to Jose and Jessica.

    Since then, so much has happened to their family. Their oldest daughter, Marily has continued to struggle with her health and an undiagnosed disability and when the crisis in Nicaragua hit last April, Jose lost his job. 

    Thankfully around that same time, this little business was growing and we were able to hire Jose on to help with a lot of the logistics work here in Nicaragua so he could continue to pay for his daughter’s therapy and medical bills. 

    However, in September Marily took a turn for the worse and what was supposed to be a week’s stay in the hospital turned into a 8-month stay. Two days before Christmas, the doctors told us to go buy a coffin for her because she wasn't going to make it much longer. 

    We’re so thankful to say that this was not the case. Marily’s condition steadily and slowly started to improve and after 8 months in the hospital, last week she was released and returned home. 

    She still has an incredibly long road to recovery, weighing only 22 pounds at 5 years old and she’s not out of danger yet but there’s no doubt that this little girl is a fighter and we’re so happy for her parents and family who are overjoyed she’s back at home with them. 

    Marily is still dependent on a lot of medical equipment. All of the equipment Marily needs to be able to be transferred to home care was not supplied by the hospital and had to be purchased by her parents. With your help, we were able to buy various items she needed, including an oxygen tank, oximeter, feeding tubes, etc to make home care and recovery possible. 

    Under the doctor’s recommendations, we also installed flooring over any parts of their home that were not tiled. Because her immune system has been compromised, this will help make sure her environment is as safe and clean as possible.

    As we know the needs for Marily will continue to change, we will keep donating and helping where we can to help this little girl and her family!

    Building Donation

    If you’ve followed our donations for awhile you know that a lot of them include building projects! This is a cause we love to support because we truly believe that everyone deserves a secure home in every sense of the word and creating this can have such a positive and long term impact on someone's life and well-being. 

    When we think of home, it should be a place we look forward to going. A place where we feel safe and sheltered and anytime it’s possible for us to give this gift to someone, we’ll do our best to make this possible. This month we were able to give this to a young man who was in need of a new space to live.

    We're very grateful that with your help we were able to give the gift of a home to someone and want to thank you all for helping make it possible!

    Special note: Although we typically like to give the background information of the individuals we donate to, we never do so without permission. In this instance, due to certain circumstances, we all decided it was best not to in order to protect their privacy. 

    previously shared living space

    The beginning of a new home.

    Almost finished!

    Thank you guys for helping us make these possible! We have a few other donations currently in the works and we can't wait to share them with you once they're completed!

    Allison & Rachel, Xx 

    Family Day With Our Team

    Last month, we were able to get together with the majority of our team and their families to celebrate the end of the year together. We feel very privileged to work with these talented individuals and it was so humbling to see everyone together and realize how much we've grown in just three years.

    We mostly spent the day enjoying the beautiful lake, but we also took the time to sit down with everyone to express our appreciation for all their hard work and to share some the photos and kind words you have all sent us. Afterwards, one of them remarked how proud it made him feel to think that from one little town in Nicaragua, shoes were being made that are now worn and enjoyed by kids all around the world.

    Although it was a challenging year in Nicaragua, our team managed to thrive and grow and we're so thankful we're able to continue to support this talented group who are so passionate about what they do. Seeing everyone together with their wives and families was super humbling and inspiring. It's proof your purchases make a difference, they really, really do. Every shoe you buy from us, every macrame piece you hang up in your home, directly supports each individual pictured here. 

    Our artisan team, minus a few members who couldn't make it that day. 

     We're all so excited for what 2019 will have in store for us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing to shop with us. We don't take it for granted, and we hope that shows in every interaction you have with us. Seeing all our artisans and their families together didn't just remind us of the impact shopping small has, it humbled us as owners and challenged us to continue to strive make this shop the best it can be. 

    Allison & Rachel, Xx

    Marvin (now our head cobbler) and his wife Ivania were our first and only team members when we opened up shop in 2016

    Jose Alfredo (right), the talent behind our macrame wall hangings

    Tanya (right) and her daughter. Tanya is Jose Alfredo's wife and makes some of our macrame children's swings

    Raquel (left) macrame artisan 

    Sharing pictures and kind words from customers with our group 


    Glasses donation

    A few weeks ago we were able to do a very special donation in the community where my husband and I lived for 6 years! It was so special for us to be able to go back and help so many familiar faces. Check out the video and pictures below to see what we were able to do with your help!




    Laptop Donation and more!

    Helping students//laptop donation

    Helping students further their studies in Nicaragua is something we’re passionate about and we were so excited to be able to be able to give a laptop to a hardworking university student named Claret. 

    Claret is a straight A student in her first year of university and is studying medicine. She wants to become a pediatrician and help children in Nicaragua. Claret lives in a rural town an hour outside of the capital. Every morning, from Monday-Saturday, she wakes up at 4am to take the bus to school and doesn’t get home until late in the evening.

    Oftentimes, she was staying in the capital so late because she had to use the computers at cyber cafes to be able to do her homework. This is one reason many students from rural communities quit their studies here, the travel time is just too much and they don’t have the resources to complete projects, etc. This laptop will help her be able to do a lot of her assignments and research from home and help her get home at a safer hour (which her parents are very thankful for!) We hope to help many more students like Claret have the tools they need to keep on studying!

    Local clinic donation

    When we became aware that a local clinic in a small community was in need of medical supplies, we used profits from a recent restock to be able to buy and donate boxes full of many basic medications so they can better serve their community!





    Fall Donations

    We’re ending off this year so thankful for all that we were able to accomplish with your support! These past few months we’ve had incredible support from our pre-orders and we were able to do three donations in just a few months.

    In November we were able to team up with Nica-Home, a non-profit organization that helps give families the chance to own their own homes. The typical interest rate from a bank loan in Nicaragua is 12%. Not only are most families not approved for these loans because of their low income, but even if they are, the high interests rates and high payment plans make it impossible for most families to successfully pay them off. 

    Nica-Home gifts 50% of the house and loans the other half at 0% interest. Families are able to pay off as much or as little as they can each month and the payments are re-invested into the donation aspect of the program. 

    This November, we were able to team up with them and help cover the gifted portion of a new home for a young family.


    We were also able to help another young family set up water and electricity to their home. We’ve mentioned this in the past, but one of our passions is helping young families. We can’t imagine what it must be like to have little ones to care for and not have access to basic needs. When we saw this young family raising their kids in a rural community without access to running water or electricity, we knew we had to help. 

    We were able to install piping and all the electrical components needed to give them easy access to fresh water and power in their home. We hope to continue to help this family build a safe and comfortable home for their little ones. 

     And last but not least, this Christmas Eve my husband and I and our two oldest travelled into a rural community to give our gifts to so many precious kids! So many smiles were spread that day and so many kids who otherwise likely would have received nothing, had something to open on Christmas. While the toys themselves may not last long, the gift of making a child feel loved, thought of and treasured is priceless and we’re so thankful we were able to do that for so many kids that day.  

    Thanks for helping us end this year on such a high note. When we look back on the year, we are thankful for the growth and success we’ve experienced but what really drives us and leaves our hearts full is this: being able to look back and see that this little business has been able to make an impact. We know our thank you’s must sound like a broken record by now, but we’d never be able to do this if you all didn’t team up with us to make a difference. Thank you for supporting our shop- your purchases really do have power!


    Allison & Rachel, Xx