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      Macrame wall hangings

      Macrame wall hangings

      Have an empty wall and you're just not sure what to put up? Macrame wall hangings are a great statement piece to add to any room. They add depth and dimension without being too busy or distracting and their cream-colored cotton allows them to fit in seamlessly with any kind of decor.

      Take a look below to see how versatile these pieces are and what type of rooms they look good in (okay, spoiler alert, they look great in any room! but here are some of our favorites!) 

      B E D R O O M S

      Don't have a headboard? No problem. Add a macrame wall hanging as a beautiful focal point above your bed. We love how @lynnlewisphotography used our Cascada wall hanging to soften up her space and create a beautiful statement wall in her master bedroom.

       K I D S  R O O M S 

      Whether you have a baby, toddler or a teen, you'll love detail and warmth a macrame wall hanging adds to their room. It truly is an heirloom piece that will adapt as they grow and still look good even when their decor tastes change. 

       L I V I N G  R O O M S

      We love it when living rooms are cozy, and sometimes it just takes a good chunky knit blanket, some pretty throw pillows and of course, a macrame wall hanging to give off that perfect hygge vibe.  

      All of our macrame wall hangings are handmade by our artisans Jose Alfredo & Tanya in their home in Dolores Carazo in Nicaragua. 

      6 Perfect Spots to Hang Your Macrame Swing

      6 Perfect Spots to Hang Your Macrame Swing

      One of the things we love about our handmade macrame swings is how versatile they are. Their cream-colored cotton and beautifully crafted wooden bars make them a gorgeous statement piece that looks good in any room. Check out the pictures below to see 6 perfect spots mamas are hanging their swings.


      N U R S E R I E S

      One of the most popular places we see our swings hung is in the nursery. They're the perfect, unique piece to compliment any style of decor while also adding functionality to the room. Whether you're gently swaying your babe to wind down before a nap or just spending time together in one of your favorite rooms in the house, you'll love having this cute little swing in there. 

      B E D R O O M S

      What big kid wouldn't love a swing in their room? Adding our macrame swings adds so much fun to a kid's space without sacrificing style. With their large weight capacity, our wood bottom swings are perfect for toddlers to teenagers.  Perfect for reading nooks, snuggles, or just relaxing the day away, you'll find this swing will quickly become the favorite seat in the house. 

      P L A Y R O O M S

      Playrooms are synonymous with fun and we love how these mamas have added an extra dose of it by hanging their swings in their playful spaces. Get ready to add more giggles, memories, and entertainment to an already favorite room in the house. 
      L I V I N G  R O O M S

      Adding your swing to your living room is a great way to add something fun just for the kids in a space made for spending time together as a family. When my kids come home from school, the first thing they do is run for the swing. I think the gentle swaying relaxes them and I love that we can all sit down and catch up on the day together while they swing away.

       O U T D O O R S

      Whether it's in a porch or a tree, hanging your swing up outdoors is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air together once the sun comes out. Adding a swing to your patio area adds a fun, special seat just for little ones and encourages time spent together outdoors as a family.

      O F F I C E  S P A C E S

      We love how @tomandorrow added their swing to her office space. It's a great way to get some work done while still being able to be close to your baby and spend time together.

      No matter where you choose to hang your macrame swing, you're going to love the fun and detail this piece adds to any room. Where are you hanging your swing? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see!

      Allison & Rachel, Xx

      Photo Credits: @mrshazeleyandababy, @cav_and_co, @brittneyknudsen, @amylouhawthorne, @my_wildflowers, @jessicaoakes, @tomandorrow


      by guest blogger: Kristen Dickson of @tojaneandrose


      In my opinion, good grocery store flowers are the easiest way to add joy to your day (along with cheese and chocolate of course). Ranunculuses are my favorite, followed closely by peonies and tulips, but I also adore eucalyptus and lavender -- and those white anemones with the black centers absolutely give me life.

      My point is I could talk about flowers all day, and I seem to have passed this appreciation along to my daughters, Jane (5) and Rose (3), who like to help me pick out bouquets when we’re at the store. A few months ago it occurred to me that they would really enjoy if I put together a pretend flower market stand for them to play with, so I got right to work – and then it only took me another few months to actually pull it off

      I found some fantastic silk flowers at our local craft store, added in some baskets and a few sets of wooden vegetables, and suddenly we had a full blown farmer’s market on our hands. I waited for a sunny Friday afternoon, set everything up while the girls were having quiet time, and surprised them when it was time for the big reveal (pictures and details below).

      They had a blast and afterwards we had some homemade strawberry popsicles and I have to say, it was just a really lovely way to kick off summer.



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      Wooden vegetables @raduga_grez via @mouseinthehouseshop, @wildcreekco and @lindenbee

      Luggy baskets @olliella 

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