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    About our leather

    Once our company started growing, we also started having our leather custom produced.

    Color: One of our aims is always to produce styles that are versatile, so you can have quality shoes over quantity of shoes, and that is why we also chose a leather in a soft brown tone that matches any outfit. 

    Texture & grain: This leather is buttery soft and so lightweight, making them perfect for little walkers and feather light on adult feet. Each hide is unique which means each shoe is unique. When looking closely at your shoe, you’ll be able to notice natural markings on the hide that assure you you’re getting the real deal-  gorgeous 100% genuine leather.

    Leather Shoe Care from Rachel Chisholm on Vimeo.


    Leather Care

    Leather is a natural material that needs to be loved and cared for in order to live it’s longest life.

    Scuffs happen, especially when little ones are playing, but you’ll be surprised how much a leather conditioner can renew and protect your shoes. Genuine leather is so durable as long as it’s treated with love. Moisturize your shoes with a conditioner consistently and they’ll love you for it. You can purchase our favourite leather conditioner here.

    Tip: Always make sure to clean your shoes before you apply a conditioner or the dirt will get rubbed in and possibly stain your shoes. There are lots of leather cleaning products available online, however, for minor stains, a damp cloth usually does the trick.

    Although we do not recommend that our shoes be worn in heavy rainfall or snow, sometimes that can be hard to avoid. Many leather conditioners also help waterproof them. 

    Have you tried a leather conditioner that you love? Let us know! We love hearing recommendations from our customers.

    Allison & Rachel, Xx