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      5 Reasons to Invest in Leather Shoes for your Kids

      5 Reasons to Invest in Leather Shoes for your Kids

      We know that real leather shoes can seem hard to justify for little kids. Their feet grow fast and kids are rough on everything they own, but there is a good reason leather has been the choice material for shoes for so long. Leather’s durability is incomparable to synthetic materials. The strength and restorative ability of a top quality leather makes the higher price tag worth it alone.

      Not all leathers are created equal though, cheaper leathers like bonded leather and genuine leather are mixed with synthetic material and won't have the same quality or durability. A top quality leather should resemble a real hide and not peel or have a plastic feel to it. That’s one reason why natural markings on our shoes are not considered imperfections. They are a testament to the leather’s quality and authenticity.

      If you're on the fence about whether to invest in a pair of leather shoes for your kids, here are 5 good reasons!

      1. That Perfect Fit Feeling

      Narrow feet, average feet, wide feet- they all love leather. Leather shoes offer a fit like no other because it changes to accommodate the shape of your foot. It adapts to fit you perfectly offering a comfort you won’t find with a synthetic shoe.

      2. Comfort that Can't be Beat

      If you know, you know. Once you wear a real pair of leather shoes, there’s no going back. The feel of a lightweight, buttery soft leather on your feet can’t be replicated. If I could have one wish, it would be that every mom would buy a pair of our women’s shoes for herself so she could see just how comfy they are for her little one’s feet! 

      3. Fresh, Cool & Clean

      Leather’s breathability makes them the perfect material for shoes. Feet wont get overheated, or smelly and shoes will stay fresh and clean.

      4. The Purchase that Keeps on Giving

      Whether you want to keep them as a memento, pass them along to a sibling, or re-sell them to another family to love- you will get your money’s worth out of a real leather children’s shoe. 

      5. Run, Restore, Repeat

      I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Shoes are your hardest working accessory and kids are especially rough on footwear but unlike synthetic shoes, leather can be restored making the initial cost so worth it in the long run!

      5 Perfect Fall Outfits for Boys Featuring Paseos

      5 Perfect Fall Outfits for Boys Featuring Paseos


      I need to put this one first because overalls are hands down, my favorite outfit for boys. There's just something that tugs at my heartstrings when my little guy is wearing them. We love how @little.tales.of.our.family paired Paseos with these cute pinstripe overalls and a cozy beanie.

      Cozy Neutrals

      How cute and cozy do our Paseo leather boots look with this lightweight, long sleeved shirt and khaki pants? We love how @burns_crew5 put together this cute outfit.


      Rompers are such a great, one-and-done outfit. We love how they can transition from summer to fall by just adding a few layers. @busywiththeboys styled her little guy perfectly for the cooler weather by adding a long-sleeved tee underneath and a cute bonnet.

      Chunky Sweater + Skinny Jeans

      If you live in a place where the weather can be unpredictable, transitional outfits like this are the best. We love how @locallie_yours paired this chunky knit sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and our leather Paseo boots.

      Classic Jeans & Cozy Flannel

      We love seeing Paseos doing what they do best- adventuring outside! @alexiskristiana styled her little guy perfectly for a crisp fall day at the park in a classic pair of jeans and a cozy flannel.

      The Beauty of Handmade

      The Beauty of Handmade

      A typical shoe shop before the 19th century wouldn’t have looked much different from ours today. Groups of shoemakers would work together, crafting each shoe, one at a time, entirely by hand. Their artistry and attention to detail, made each shoe a work of art.

      But over time, people were replaced by machines, and the focus became volume over craft. Shoes are mass produced today but machines can’t replicate the artistry of a shoemaker who uses skills passed down from generation to generation. 

      In the small town of Masaya, Nicaragua our artisan team uses their gifts to create each shoe with care. We’re so proud to work with them and connect you all to the beauty of handmade.

      5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Girls

      5 Perfect Summer Outfits for Girls


      A good romper is a summer staple in any little girl's wardrobe. It's a classic one-and-done, no fuss outfit, that she can run, play and explore in. We love how @lauriedicus paired this relaxed fit romper with our Bella leather sandals.

      Chunky Knit Sweater + Skirt

      If you live in a place where the weather can be unpredictable, even during summer, transitional outfits like this are the best. We love how @ellen_wags paired a textured knit sweater with sandals and a skirt for the perfect layered outfit.

      Cozy Matching Sets

      Is there anything cuter than a little one in a matching lounge set? We love how @hannah.hardy4 paired our Flecha leather sandals with this sweet outfit. With their buttery soft leather and lightweight sole, our sandals are the perfect accessory to any cozy outfit.

      Summer Dresses

      Our Estrella leather sandals look adorable paired with these loose fit t-shirt dresses and jean jackets styled by @katiejo_plusourtrio. Whether it's a fancy dress or a casual dress, leather sandals complete the look.

      Classic Shorts + Tee

      The perfect outfit for a summer evening. We love how @kindred_indigo mixed patterns to create this adorable look. A classic pair of brown sandals means never having to worry if your outfit will match your shoes.

      Style Spotlight {Aventura}

      Style Spotlight {Aventura}

      Aventuras are one of our best-selling leather sandals for kids and it's easy to see why they have been a steady customer favorite over the years. Read below to see 5 reasons we love these sandals and to see some our our favorite ways we've seen customers style them!


      5 Reason to Love Aventuras

      Their classic, basket weave design and closed-toe offer protection for your little one's feet as they explore and enjoy summer.

      Aventura leather sandals feature a simple design that makes them timeless and adaptable to changing fashion trends over the years. This also makes them easy to pair with any style of outfit.

      Their gender neutral design allows them to be seamlessly passed on to future siblings, or easy to re-sell to another family.

      Buttery soft, breathable leather and a lightweight sole mean maximum comfort- and we know how important comfort is to kids!

      Last but not least, these sandals are artisan made and entirely handcrafted. The quality and care put into every detail is so evident and is what truly makes them an heirloom piece.

      How our Customers Style their Aventuras










      Aventura- unisex handmade woven leather sandals for babies and children. Crafted by artisans in Nicaragua.