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        Thanks for stopping by! We are Rachel and Allison, the founders and owners of Adelisa & Co. Our business started in 2016 while Rachel was visiting Allison and her family in Nicaragua. At the artisan market, Rachel bought an adorable pair of handcrafted leather shoes. They were simple, well-made, and timeless—nothing like the tacky, mass-manufactured shoes available for our kids at the time. Realizing there was a major gap in the market for shoes like this, we sought out a local artisan to work with.

We connected with one artisan named Marvin, who dreamed of running his own workshop and making shoes that would be worn all around the world. Together, we created the line of timeless, high-quality leather shoes for children that Adelisa & Co. is known for today. Marvin now heads up his own team of over 20 artisans and his shoes are worn by children from all over the globe. We are so honored to connect you all to their talent.

Eight years later, our commitment continues to bring timeless designs to the market that are ethically made and crafted with care. Our shoes are intentionally neutral, allowing you to buy less and wear them more. We are also dedicated to giving back to communities and individuals in Nicaragua.  So far with proceeds from purchases, we’ve contributed to several housing projects, supported students in their education, and even built wells in small towns without access to clean water. We look forward to continuing to grow our impact with our amazing customers. Thanks for being here! 


Allison & Rachel, Xx

Adelisa & Co. is an independent company with no affiliations to any other brands. All shoes are produced by an artisan team that is managed by Adelisa & Co. and works exclusively for Adelisa & Co. Our shoes are not wholesaled and cannot be purchased anywhere except this site. The leather we use is custom made for Adelisa & Co. 

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