Helping a Stay at Home Mom Work From Home

        We just wanted to pop on here and share a little more about our most recent donation. You may have noticed that lately we've been doing a  lot of projects on houses. One reason for this is that we want to make sure our donations have a long term impact, benefitting families for years to come.

We hope you enjoy reading below, about how a small addition on a home helped a work-at-home mom continue to support her family!


        We have known the Ruiz family for over 10 years. Jessica and I had our first baby girls within a year of each other and have been close friends ever since. She is an amazing mom who has fought for her baby girl since she the day she was born. With an undiagnosed disability and many health problems, they have spent so much time and precious resources on doctors and therapy appointments. 

        Because their little girl was getting sick so much, the doctors recommended they do everything they could to make sure her living conditions were the best they could be. They worked hard, saved up and built their own little two bedroom home last year, however, they weren't able to fully complete it.

        Jessica bakes cakes to support her family and up until this point she has had to do it in a family member's house because they still didn't have a proper cooking space. With donations from your purchases, we were able to help them add a kitchen to their home. This addition will allow her to work right from home while still being able to care for her toddler and newborn.


     The beginning stages               

A peek inside during construction

Almost finished!

        There are so many aspects of this business that we love, but this is our favourite. Having all you amazing moms supporting our shop makes us feel like we have the best team behind us and we love that we are moms teaming up together to help other moms, so thank you so much for your continued support!

Rachel & Allison, Xx

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