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One of the things I’ve been passionate about since first moving to Nicaragua 7 years ago is supporting education. While working closely with the people here, I’ve seen so many families pull their children out of school because of lack of funds for supplies, or the need for extra working hands in the house. Without an education, the average labourer makes less than $7 a day making it so hard for families to break out of this cycle of poverty.

Supporting education through scholarships is one way we can help make a difference and I'm so excited that this year Adelisa & Co. will officially be supporting a young university student named Aaron. You can read more below about where Aaron comes from and how he plans to use to education to help others!


We met Aaron earlier this year at an outreach for university students we run at our local church. Aaron is from the remote indigenous community of Amak in the north of Nicaragua and just finished up his first year of studies. In July, he invited my husband and 10 others to come and stay in the village where he’s from. They travelled for 8 hours in car and then rode upriver in a small canoe for 7 hours to reach the humble village of Amak.

The village of Amak is only accessible by boat and has a population of around 600 people.

While visiting with Aaron’s family there, we learned that most young people in Amak don’t finish school. The few that do and are lucky enough to receive scholarships are usually forced to return home after their first year because their families can’t afford their living costs. Aaron’s mom was working hard to support him but said that some months she had nothing to send and was doubtful he could continue on.

Children from the village enjoying a game of soccer in the rain

Aaron pictured on the left

Aaron’s dream is to use his business management degree to support the development of his village and to help other young people in their studies as well. With your continued support, we will be helping Aaron get all the resources he needs to be able to finish his degree and achieve this goal. 

So thank you all once again, we are continually humbled by your support and are honoured to witness firsthand how your purchases are helping change the lives of others. 

Allison & Rachel, Xx


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