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Thanks for checking out our sizing guide before ordering!

We have a printable size guide that can be downloaded below to get started. Please note that you must print at 100% scale for the measuring tool to be accurate. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the line on the left of the page to ensure it measures 9". This will confirm that the chart has printed to the proper scale.

Children's + Youth Shoes FAQ

If you decide to size up your child might not be able to fit in them right away. The recommended amount growth/wiggle room for sandals and flats is 0.25’’ and 0.5’’ for boots if you wish to wear them right away. This leaves enough room for them to last all season, while still allowing them to be worn right away. 

We recommend that you print our sizing guide and use the measuring tool on it to get an accurate measurement. 

All brands differ slightly, but our shoes are made on standard professional molds and fit pretty true to size compared to most brands. If you followed the steps in the guide and feel it's way off from what your child normally wears, make sure your measurement is correct and that your child is standing up straight and has their heel lined up with the line on the printable sizing chart.

Send us a picture with your child's foot placed on the sizing guide and let us know what style you're interested in at Our team is always happy to help with sizing. 

Women's + Men's Shoes FAQ

Order the same size you typically wear in other brands. **exception Mules** We recommend sizing up once in the women's Mules. 

Men- Order according to US size you wear in other brands.

We recommend going with the option that includes the lowest size you're able to wear! (Example: If you wear an 8-8.5 in most shoes, go with a Size 38 which is a 7.5-8 as opposed to the 39 which is a 8.5-9.) We only recommend sizing up in our Mules or with boots if you like to wear thicker socks.

Yes! One of the great things about genuine leather is that it will stretch to conform to your foot within a few wears. 

Still need help? Send us an email and we'd be happy to assist you