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        Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by! We are Rachel and Allison, best friends, mamas and business partners. Allison and her family (right) live in Nicaragua and Rachel and her family (left) in Canada. We met and became friends when we were teenagers living in Vancouver, Canada, but we both soon got married and moved over 6,000 miles apart. Fast forward a few years later, and we were new mamas to two beautiful, strong-willed little girls and soon we were more than just casually keeping in touch, we were navigating through motherhood together as best friends. 

       The idea for Adelisa & Co. came to life in 2016 while Rachel and her family were visiting us in Nicaragua. One of our favourite things to do together was explore the local artisan’s market and every time we went, it was impressed on us how artistic and talented the people are here. It was during one of these trips that Rachel, (the natural entrepreneur of the two of us), envisioned a shop that could connect others with this talent and the more we hashed out the idea, the more excited we got. Within a month we teamed up with a young cobbler (Marvin) and a family that had been making hammocks for over 65 years and started selling a few traditional Nicaragua pieces through this space.

        Our vision for our shop quickly evolved after that first season and although we never imagined ourselves shoe designers (okay maybe 14 year old Rachel did), we soon began to create with Marvin, the line of timeless, high quality leather shoes for children that Adelisa & Co. is known for today. Marvin now heads up his own team of 20 cobblers and we have over 6 macrame artisans creating both traditional and custom pieces for little ones. 

        It’s been an incredible experience to watch our team grow with us and to be able to support them with fair pay, full time work and recognition for their talent. To witness the power that a purchase can have in the lives the individuals we work with and the families we help by donating a portion of our proceeds has been so humbling. Check out or blog to see some of our most recent donations and we’d love for you to come and follow along our journey on Instagram.


Allison & Rachel, Xx

Adelisa & Co. is an independent company with no affiliations to any other brands. All shoes are produced by an artisan team that is managed by Adelisa & Co. and works exclusively for Adelisa & Co. Our shoes are not wholesaled and cannot be purchased anywhere except this site. The leather we use is custom made for Adelisa & Co. 

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