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Helping students//laptop donation

Helping students further their studies in Nicaragua is something we’re passionate about and we were so excited to be able to be able to give a laptop to a hardworking university student named Claret. 

Claret is a straight A student in her first year of university and is studying medicine. She wants to become a pediatrician and help children in Nicaragua. Claret lives in a rural town an hour outside of the capital. Every morning, from Monday-Saturday, she wakes up at 4am to take the bus to school and doesn’t get home until late in the evening.

Oftentimes, she was staying in the capital so late because she had to use the computers at cyber cafes to be able to do her homework. This is one reason many students from rural communities quit their studies here, the travel time is just too much and they don’t have the resources to complete projects, etc. This laptop will help her be able to do a lot of her assignments and research from home and help her get home at a safer hour (which her parents are very thankful for!) We hope to help many more students like Claret have the tools they need to keep on studying!

Local clinic donation

When we became aware that a local clinic in a small community was in need of medical supplies, we used profits from a recent restock to be able to buy and donate boxes full of many basic medications so they can better serve their community!





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