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      Family Day With Our Team

      Last month, we were able to get together with the majority of our team and their families to celebrate the end of the year together. We feel very privileged to work with these talented individuals and it was so humbling to see everyone together and realize how much we've grown in just three years.

      We mostly spent the day enjoying the beautiful lake, but we also took the time to sit down with everyone to express our appreciation for all their hard work and to share some the photos and kind words you have all sent us. Afterwards, one of them remarked how proud it made him feel to think that from one little town in Nicaragua, shoes were being made that are now worn and enjoyed by kids all around the world.

      Although it was a challenging year in Nicaragua, our team managed to thrive and grow and we're so thankful we're able to continue to support this talented group who are so passionate about what they do. Seeing everyone together with their wives and families was super humbling and inspiring. It's proof your purchases make a difference, they really, really do. Every shoe you buy from us, every macrame piece you hang up in your home, directly supports each individual pictured here. 

      Our artisan team, minus a few members who couldn't make it that day. 

       We're all so excited for what 2019 will have in store for us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing to shop with us. We don't take it for granted, and we hope that shows in every interaction you have with us. Seeing all our artisans and their families together didn't just remind us of the impact shopping small has, it humbled us as owners and challenged us to continue to strive make this shop the best it can be. 

      Allison & Rachel, Xx

      Marvin (now our head cobbler) and his wife Ivania were our first and only team members when we opened up shop in 2016

      Jose Alfredo (right), the talent behind our macrame wall hangings

      Tanya (right) and her daughter. Tanya is Jose Alfredo's wife and makes some of our macrame children's swings

      Raquel (left) macrame artisan 

      Sharing pictures and kind words from customers with our group 


      baby and toddler leather boots handmade

      The Story Behind Our Boots

              We recently had the honour of working with Megan Osburn who took these dreamy pictures featuring our Paseo and Ticuantepe leather boots. We are still blown away by your response to them and wanted to share a little bit of the story behind these gorgeous boots!
              When we opened up shop last year, we had 6 traditional Nicaraguan sandal designs and worked one on one with a young cobbler named Marvin.  Marvin had just quit his full time job at a shoe factory with hopes of working independently, so he could earn more to support his family. The response to our sandals in our first season in business was above and beyond what we could have imagined, and what started out as just a side job for him, quickly turned into the full time work he had hoped for. When summer started to end, we knew we had to come up with an idea to keep giving him business during the winter months. You can imagine living in Nicaragua's year round hot climate, boots are not a common occurrence, so when we explained what we had in mind and asked him to make two different styles of a shoe he had never even seen before....we were completely blown away with the results! He had created the most beautiful and timeless children's boots.


              Because of the overwhelming response to our boots, not only was there enough work for our one artisan this winter, he was able to hire on several more cobblers to help him, providing more work for more families. It has been so amazing for us to see all your little ones enjoying these boots this fall and winter season. We say this a lot, but we are so thankful for you all and we wanted to share how you are all directly impacting so many lives by choosing to shop small with us. We can't wait to show you what Spring has in store! 

      Rachel & Allison, Xx


      Photo credit: Megan Osburn Photography.
       Dark Green dress: @aliceandames

      Orange/green floral bow: @maisielovesnory
      Blush and floral dress: @pineandhoneyhandmade
      bow: @redroverkids
      moccasins: @starryknightdesign
      boys clothes: @ryleeandcru