All women's

We partner with a small, family owned workshop in Nicaragua to produce timeless, high quality leather shoes for the whole family.

All our shoes are made using full grain, vegetable tanned leather and are crafted entirely by hand by our amazing artisan team.

Adelisa & Co leather Mule shoe for women available in black, dark brown and medium brown.
Adelisa & Co women's leather boots in medium brown.
Cross strap, medium brown leather sandals for women.
T-bar leather sandals with floral detailing for women.
Dark brown leather boots for women.
Dark brown leather Mary Jane shoes for women with floral detailing.
Adelisa & Co nude blush pink leather sandals for women with scallop and floral detailing.
Cream leather women's mule shoe.
Save $13
Cream leather slip on sandal for women.
Save $13
Save $14