FLAT RATE SHIPPING ON SHOES: USA $7.95 // Canada $11.95 // most international countries $13.95
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    I have a question about shipping times & cost:

    Please see our detailed shipping FAQ page here:

    Where can I find help with sizing?

    We have a detailed and helpful sizing page located here. 

    Do you accept returns/exchanges?

    Yes, we accept returns/exchanges. Please see our return and exchange policies here.

    Can I buy your shoes anywhere else?

    Adelisa & Co. is an independent company with no affiliations to any other brands, and our shoes can only be purchased on this website. All shoes are produced by an artisan team that is managed by Adelisa & Co. and works exclusively for Adelisa & Co. Our shoes are not wholesaled. 

    I am unable to buy multiples of the same item.

    In order to give all our customers a fair chance at purchasing our products and to prevent our products from being resold without permission, we only allow a maximum of two of the exact same product to be purchased per order. We will also be cancelling without warning any orders that exceed $800 USD per day for the same reason. This total applies to any orders made in the same day that are delivered to the same address, even if the orders are made seperately. 

    How do I hang my hammock?

    You can check out our hammock hanging guide here. 

    Where do the 10% of proceeds go?

    Living in Nicaragua gives us the unique ability to make thoughtful and careful donations to families and individuals we personally come in contact with. Our goal is always to make sustainable donations that will have a long-term impact. So whether it’s supporting education, improving housing, or helping with medical needs, we hope to make a difference in these families lives one donation at a time.

    Check out our blog here to read about those we’ve been able to help with your support so far.

    Do you collaborate with influencers?

    Yes, we do! If you are interested in working with us, please follow the link provided here for more information.

    Why are prices in US dollars?

    Although we run our shop from Canada, because Nicaragua and the artisans we work with only accept US currency, we keep our prices in US dollars as well.

    If you have a question that isn't on the list above, please e-mail us at hello@adelisaandco.com.