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    We love building genuine and long lasting working relationships with influencers so we look particularly for collaborators who follow us, engage with us on social media, and sincerely love our products (you can envision your family using them long after you’re done promoting them!) 

    Due to limited quantities we also have limited collaboration opportunities, but if you’re a social media influencer who thinks you would be a good fit with our company, this is what we’re looking for:


    • Collaborators to provide 2-3 good quality, tagged images where our product is clearly visible on their social media in exchange for product. In agreeing to this, you are also giving consent that we can re-use any images featuring our product on our social media outlets (we always make sure to tag the source and include them in our captions). 
    • Someone with a genuine and interactive following on social media. We don’t necessarily require a huge number of followers, but we look for an authentic community that naturally engages with you often (no bought followers or sole engagement from pods)

    If you meet the above requirements and think that we’d be a great match, shoot us an email below that includes your social media handles and what product you’d be interested in promoting. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Rachel & Allison, Xx