Rachel's Birthday Sale!

My 4 favorite styles are on sale for 33% off for 33 minutes!

Cosecha in Classic Brown

My favorite Mary-Jane style for so many reasons! Mostly because it was our first Mary-Jane option, but also because I remember exactly where I was when Ally and I were designing them over text! We’d scribble a design on a scrap piece of paper and take a photo and send it to the other person. We went back and forth until it was just right and handed it off to Marvin for him to create the pattern and first prototype! They’re also our first shoes to go “viral” and cause us our first sold out release back in 2017! If you’ve never tried this style - it’s a must have!

Espresso Women's Mules

These are my go-to shoes every spring (as soon as I can put my boots away) and fall (up until it snows basically.) I love that they make me feel like I’m dressing up without actually losing any of the comfort that I live for! I have numerous colors but Dark Brown is my favorite.

Cream Women's Verano

Now on to my go-to sandals - especially this summer! Being super pregnant and not really able to bend over like I used to - these slip on shoes are very necessary and I love the Cream leather with all of my summer dresses!

Pink Sorbet Bella

Bella is our 2022 best-seller for a reason! So delicate and feminine and my girls love this new pink leather! We have offered a variation of Bella since the beginning, but made some design tweaks to make them a bit more timeless and classic looking a couple years ago. They’re just so beautiful for both kids and women!

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