Adelisa & Co Behind the Scenes Sale

Throughout the year we want to give you a behind the scenes look at various people and parts of Adelisa & Co., and discount a product that goes along with their story!


Today’s Behind The Scenes Feature is about our switch to full grain, vegetable tanned leather which you can read more about below.


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Behind the Scenes: A look at our leather

Behind the scenes some big changes and pivots have been happening in our business and one of them has been switching to full grain, vegetable tanned leather. Here’s why this switch is relevant to you as a customer:
  1. 1. Vegetable tanned leather is naturally dyed.
  3. Being primarily a children’s shoe company, we love that we can offer such high quality leather that is made with natural tannins like tree bark and other organic materials to produce the leather’s beautiful color.
2. Vegetable tanned leather is an artisanal process.
Only 8% of the world’s leather production is vegetable tanned. This is because it’s more expensive and takes longer to produce. Good things take time, and bringing shoes to the market that are made with effort, intention and tell a different story is what makes your purchase with us different than a bigger store.
3. Vegetable tanned leather ages better.
Because it is made artisanally, vegetable tanned leather develops a stronger patina with age and is one of the sturdiest and most durable leathers available.
4. Vegetable tanned leather is better for the environment.
Because no chemicals are used during the dyeing process, vegetable tanned leather does not pollute the environment the way the chrome tanning process can.
5. Vegetable tanned leather is more expensive.
I know you’re wondering, “how is this a plus for me?” But because we work directly with the tannery, we can offer you full grain, vegetable tanned to you at a much more accessible price. We’re proud as a small business to be able to offer you the highest quality, custom made leathers in colors you love and are excited to develop our line of vegetable tanned leathers. For today only, we hope you enjoy a discount on the first vegetable tanned leather we ever produced: our Nude Blush Pink. Use code NUDEBLUSH15 and follow the link here: to shop our best-selling Flora and Bella sandals in Nude Blush.
As always, thank you for you continued support.
Allison & Rachel, Xx