Ticuantepe {Children's Leather Boots}

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These charming boots are a must-have staple for your little one’s wardrobe. Don’t let their simplicity fool you, with their timeless design and a classic look; these little booties will be sure to catch everyone’s attention. Not only are they versatile piece that transitions perfectly from play to party, but an heirloom shoe made for tagging along on all of life’s everyday adventures.


-Size 17 & 18 and under feature a firm but flexible soft sole that is perfect for babies and not recommended for walkers. Size 19 and up have a firm but flexible, hard rubber sole better suited for rougher surfaces. 

-Our brown Ticuantepes come with two sets of laces. A natural leather lace for a rustic look and a dark brown, thin cord lace for an old-school look.

-Our shoes are handmade in Nicaragua by our head cobbler Marvin and his skilled team. 

-All of our shoes are made using high quality, 100% full grain leather that is custom made for Adelisa & Co. Please note that no two leather hides are exactly the same, therefore slight variations in leather tone and finish are considered normal. Some hides will naturally be lighter or darker and each will present different unique markings. Because this item is handcrafted, slight variations in detail are also considered normal. You can read more about our leather and how to care for it here. 


Please refer to our sizing guide here. 


We are fortunate to work with some of the most talented cobblers in Nicaragua to produce these high-quality leather children's boots. Each Adelisa & Co. leather shoe is individually cut, stitched and crafted by hand from start to finish in the home of our head cobbler and his skilled team. We personally choose the materials, work with our team to create designs and are continually striving to improve our quality.

The result is a shoe that so many individuals have put thought, care, and love into creating. We are so proud to partner with our artisans to bring you these Adelisa & Co. leather shoes and we hope you love them as much as we do!


We are committed to paying our artisans fair wages and giving back to the beautiful country where our products are made. By supporting our shop, you are not only creating jobs, but you are also helping families in need in Nicaragua. Check out our blog to see where a portion of our proceeds go and read about those you are personally helping!